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Exploring the Connection Between Resilience and Gratitude

Conversation Circle June 2022

Do you practice gratitude in your daily life?

The words “resilience” and “resiliency” have been used frequently over the past few years. In today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to develop resilience—the ability to “roll with the punches” despite life’s inevitable challenges and setbacks.

In June, Northstar is hosting a virtual Women’s Conversation Circle on the topic of Resilience and Gratitude. A Conversation Circle allows small groups of individuals to come together for a facilitated discussion to share stories and experiences. Circles allow us to be thoughtful, intentional, and listen deeply to help us draw the wisdom that we need.

This Conversation Circle will be facilitated by Northstar’s Rachel DeCarolis and Julie Fortin. Due to the nature of the event, space is very limited, and spots are provided on a first come, first served basis. We ask that you join us for the full 90 minutes.

Please sign up below and we look forward to having you!


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