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Webinar - Navigating the Future

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We're featuring 3 experts to help you protect your loved ones and gain peace of mind.

Some of the most common concerns are:

• Do you have powers of attorney so that someone can make decisions for you and
manage your affairs if you are incapacitated?
• Do you need a trust?
• Do you have too much money in sitting in bank accounts and cash?
• Is your family protected if something happens to you and/or your spouse?
• Do you have enough life and disability insurance on yourself and/or spouse?
• Are you concerned with how potential tax law changes will impact you and your
• Do you and your loved ones know where to find important documents?
• Have you considered the benefits of pre-planning burial and funeral arrangements?

Thoughtful pre-planning can make a world of difference to your loved ones when there is a crisis. Studies have shown that women are more vulnerable when they are not involved in managing the finances and statistically more likely to outlive their partner.

Robin Young will join Estate Attorney, Alyssa Pockell, and Funeral Director, Devan Baker to discuss the above concerns and more!

We hope you can join us for this special event October 19th @ 6pm EST.

As always, feel free to share this event with anyone you think could benefit.

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