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Who We Serve

Personal Attention Through Your Life Transitions

At Northstar, we believe that clients deserve a deep and personal approach to Wealth Management, especially during times of transition when uncertainty can threaten one’s personal and financial well-being.  As Certified Financial Transitionists, we work to keep our clients safe and support them during these struggles. Our goal is to help our clients-in-transition increase their well-being, facilitate better decision-making, and emerge stronger and more resilient individuals.


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Our Other Service Offering: 

Financial Consulting: In contrast to the comprehensive Wealth Management service we provide for our clients, financial consulting is our à la carte service, ideal for individuals seeking specific and focused advice on their current and future financial situation. All planning is done on a one-on-one consultation basis with an average fee range of $6,250 to $15,000.  The fee is customized on a case by case basis. We do not charge for the initial consultation. While this is a one-time service, it often serves as a nice jumping off point to determine your commitment to an ongoing Wealth Management relationship. 

Who We Help

We find that those who benefit most from our comprehensive Wealth Management and life planning services:

  • Enjoy the clarity of an objective and comprehensive approach to wealth management with an advisor who works with them to align their personal goals with the totality of their finances. 
  • Appreciate professionalism, but also seek a more personal client experience.
  • Feel they can benefit from a professional’s knowledge, experience, and attention to detail, and in the process, reclaim precious time for higher-priority activities.
  • Appreciate life and understand that better financial and life planning can enhance their journey.
  • Have amassed or inherited a significant amount of investable assets and are ready to position those assets to enhance their lives.

If this sounds like you, we would love to have a conversation.  We invite you to explore if Northstar Financial Planning is a good fit for you and your family. 


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