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Retirement Planning

In preparing for or entering retirement, you may form new plans or may wish to maintain as much as possible of your existing "desirable" lifestyle. Either way, as you reassess your personal goals, it's important that your financial strategies evolve along with you. As you shift your focus from wealth accumulation to spending, major considerations include:

  • Prudent spending – Neither living like there's no tomorrow, nor overly scrimping and denying yourself
  • Outliving your money – Planning for a long-enough retirement
  • Market risk – Understanding how to adjust if the market underperforms, especially in early retirement
  • Inflation – Planning for the reality that, what costs $100 today is expected to cost $180 in 20 years
  • Health care expenses
  • Income Tax Increases

At Northstar, our retirement planning is realistic in the face of financial challenges, but also highly personalized. We help you plan with confidence, according to your goals. We offer expert, practical assistance in areas such as:

  • Considering income tax strategies and compliance, including taking Required Minimum Distributions from your IRA and 401(k) plans, Roth conversions, charitable gifting, tax loss harvesting etc.
  • Making sure your beneficiary designations are effective for IRA and retirement plans
  • Managing market volatility
  • Planning for health care and long-term care costs
  • Checking your estate plans to make sure they accomplish what you intend
  • Reviewing your current and future retirement resources; forecasting expected cash flow and assets
  • Exploring possibilities for improving your financial positions in retirement; recommending changes when warranted
  • Using Monte Carlo probability analysis to plan for ranges of financial outcomes under various market and economic conditions
  • Following up regularly to help you remain on track or adjust as needed
  • Seamlessly incorporating your retirement planning with any additional, related wealth management needs

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