Women and Wealth

Northstar is passionate about serving the unique needs of women.  Women today control over 51% of the nation's personal wealth and yet we are still underserved in the financial services industry.  We believe that an unbiased, holistic approach is the best way to serve the growing needs women have for financial advice throughout the different stages of their lives.

Important realities face women as their roles evolve:

For all of these reasons and more, it is important for women build a relationship with an advisor that understands their unique situation, personal goals, struggles, and values—someone who can help them manage their money with clarity and confidence.  Our services are designed to help you build a lasting foundation for lifelong financial security and personal success.  This includes collaborating with other professional advisors to provide expert advice and best in class solutions.

To help women take control of their financial affairs, we augment our robust life and wealth planning services with a specialized program, Women, Meaning and Money®. This program benefits women who need help managing Financial Life Transitions, such as: