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Life Transitions

A sudden change in your financial situation can be a life altering event. Successfully managing financial transitions is more challenging than you may realize.  It's not just a matter of managing the financial situation - it's managing the change.  As Financial Transitionists, we are trained to help you successfully manage your financial life transition by re-establishing the perspective required to make sound financial and life decisions. These decisions are based on your personal experience integrated with facts and figures.

Are you in a life transition? Life events that lead to change and transition include:


Clearly, financial management is complicated enough. When you undergo a personal transition, the complexities grow. Rational long-term thinking is often replaced with confusion, emotional turbulence and inconsistent behavior which can lead to regrettable financial decisions.

Even in the absence of a life transition, most people find it challenging to apply their money effectively toward the meaningful and lasting lifestyle they would like to enjoy.

Guided by our designation as Certified Financial Transitionists (CeFT), we specialize in financial management and wealth planning in the face of personal transition. We employ an array of specific strategies, processes and services to help you accomplish the following:

  1. Establish order
  2. Regain balance
  3. Explore and consider your options and opportunities
  4. Plan and move forward
  5. Refine and rethink
  6. Wealth management and stewardship

Our goal is make financial transitions less stressful, more productive and frequently enjoyable.

To begin the Sudden Money Process, schedule a free consultation with our team where we help you begin to explore the possibilities that your future holds. Or call us at 603-458-2776 to discuss your situation.

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