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Julie Fortin featured in USA Today Article | Parent Trap: Supporting an Adult Child Will Hurt Both of You

This article, recently published in Nerdwallet and written by Andrea Coombs, features the advice and expertise of our own Julie Fortin!

"When helping starts to hurt

Helping out adult children “isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” says Julie Fortin, certified financial planner and financial behavior specialist with Northstar Financial Planning in Windham, New Hampshire.

Of course you’ll try to help your child in an emergency — but be careful that short-term aid doesn’t become a long-term habit. That’s because setting up shop as the Bank of Mom and Dad can lead to two problems: One is that your child might become overly dependent on you for money. The other is that those payouts can jeopardize your financial outlook, Fortin says."

See the full article on the USA Today Website

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