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Loss of Spouse Services

Navigating the Loss of Your Spouse
On your own, but not alone.

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Losing your spouse is one of the most difficult life changes—a change that disrupts the very foundation of your reality and how you envisioned your life unfolding.

Facing life's new circumstances takes courage, fortitude, and support.

Even the most financially savvy women can lose a great deal of confidence at this time when there is no shortage of important decisions to be made.

We are aware of the many important actions that need to be addressed during this highly vulnerable time and can help you get things done so you can take the time you need to adjust.

The goal is to gain peace of mind in knowing that you are financially OK for now. We help you understand your new financial situation, and when you are ready, create a plan for the future.

Our ongoing support and resources will help you reclaim a life that feels normal in all areas, including your finances.

As Certified Financial Transitionist® professionals, we help ease the burden of your transition and guide you in your journey forward with confidence and clarity. We help you rediscover life on your own.

You do not need to go through this alone!

We walk beside you through one of life’s greatest challenges – adjusting to the loss of your spouse.

There are a number of important actions that need to be taken during this highly vulnerable time.

This checklist will tell you exactly what to do and in what order as you begin to move through this transition so you can gain peace of mind knowing you are financially ok. 

To receive your copy of the Survivor Checklist, please follow the link below.



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