June 2015 | Life Planning for You:A step-by-step guide to develop your own life plan with Robin Young

December 2014 Getting Organized Part I: Managing Paper

This webinar discusses why it is important for us to manage incoming paper, how to fix it, and how to maintain it going forward.  Getting organized will provide peace of mind and allow  you to focus on the things that matter most to you.  Start today.

December 2014 Getting Organized Part II: Using Cloud-based solutions to manage Passwords, Documents and Finances

This webinar walks participants through some of the cloud-based tools that are available to manage your passwords, important documents, and to help you take control of your finances.  These tools allow you to share passwords and documents with only certain people, leave passwords for specific accounts to beneficiaries, and access your information from multiple devices.  The financial management tools let you set budgets and review where you are spending so that you can make more mindful decisions about where you want your money to be spent.

May 2014 The Basics of Annuities

This webinar is presented by John Franzen, a fee-only insurance and annuity advisor and owner of Objective Risk Management Analysis.  This is part of our workshop series, Foundations of Financial Education.  He gives a detailed presentation on the types of annuities that are available, the advantages and disadvantage of owning annuities as part of your portfolio, and the complexities of how they work. Please note that Northstar does not sell annuities or any other products and receives no commissions or referral fees of any kind. We feel that it is important to provide an unbiased view of annuities from someone who doesn't sell products or receive commissions of any kind.

November 2013 Part I: The Basics of Investing

This webinar reviews; the types of investment accounts there are and how they work, the types of investments that are available to the average investor, and investing methods or philosophies on how to make investment decisions. It also touches on the impact of fees when investing.

November 2013 Part II: The Basics of Investing

This webinar discusses; what asset allocation is and how it is used, the different kinds of investment risk and how to manage them, risks associated with bonds, as well as historical statistics that help us understand how markets react and the risks with trying to time the market.

Feb 2012 Important Tax Law Changes