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Create a Financially Secure RetirementThe expertise and wisdom of Northstar's advisors is sought out by professional associations, national publications (such as Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal Online and other local journalists to provide, comment and counsel on current financial industry trends.  We also write a quarterly article for Applaud Online Magazine for Women.

Autumn 2015 Robin Young quoted in's article - What to Look for in a Financial Advisor--According to Advisors

Fall 2015 Three Mistakes for Every Widow to Avoid, Applaud Magazine

Summer 2015 Financial Life Planning, Applaud Magazine 

Spring 2015 Create a Financial Secure Retirement, Applaud Magazine

Winter 2014 Kids and Money, Applaud Magazine

Fall 2014 Inheritance: An Opportunity to Create a Rich Life, Applaud Magazine

Summer 2014 The Devil Wears Nada, Applaud Magazine

Spring 2014 How To Handle a Financial Windfall, Applaud Magazine


Winter 2013 The Three Stages of Widowhood, Applaud Magazine

Fall 2013 Simple Principles for Investing Success, Applaud Magazine

Summer 2013 If You're Considering A Divorce, Applaud Magazine

Spring 2013 Are You Experiencing Money Shock?, Applaud Magazine

Winter 2012 Widows, Considering Remarriage? - Top Financial Concerns, Applaud Magazine

Summer 2012 When Two Becomes One - Financial Considerations for Managing Life After the Loss of Your Spouse, Applaud Magazine

Spring 2012 10 Important Questions to Ask Before Tying the Knot, Applaud Magazine

Winter 2011 Retirement Interrupted, Applaud Magazine

Fall 2011 Boomers Navigating Retirement, Applaud Magazine

Summer 2011 Top 5 Challenges For Widows, Applaud Magazine

Spring 2011 Tortoise and the Red Hot Hare, Applaud Magazine

Winter 2010 Marriage and Money, Applaud Magazine

Fall 2010 Six Aspects of Financial Well Being, Applaud Magazine

Summer 2010 Mortgage Rates Drop 

Summer 2010 Power of Expectations, Applaud Magazine

Spring 2010 Downsizing Can Be A Smart Move, Applaud Magazine

Winter 2009 A "New" New Year's Resolution, Applaud Magazine

Fall 2009 Your Financial Health, Applaud Magazine

October 2009 Robin Young quoted in the New York Times

Summer 2009 Don't Let Your Paycheck Stop Once You Retire, Applaud Magazine

Fall 2008 When Your Dreams Get Interrupted, Applaud Magazine

September 2008 Robin becomes a Sudden Money® Advisor to help people in transition, Press Release

Summer 2008 Your Legacy, Applaud Magazine

Spring 2008 I Don't Want to Retire, Applaud Magazine

Winter 2007 Creating a Family Legacy, Applaud Magazine

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