Our Clients

In general, we have found that we best serve those who:

  • Are sincerely committed to taking control of their future through solid planning and caring process.
  • Are willing to engage in open-minded, continuing dialogue with us about their most desired values and goals.
  • Enjoy developing a strong, professional relationship with us to foster durable, targeted advice.
  • Understand that investing and financial planning are not exact sciences and “sure-fire,” “get rich quick” schemes don’t work; by building portfolios according to the academic evidence on how global markets are expected to operate, we help you focus your steadfast efforts on achieving your personal goals in the face of an unknowable future.

We serve a wide range of individuals and families who share these essential principles. We also specialize in serving the needs of:

Women in transition

Women today are taking control of their financial lives. Northstar specializes in meeting the growing need for financial advice that women experience during the different stages of their lives.
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Financially Preparing for Divorce


Replacing your paycheck for the rest of your life, selecting appropriate investment strategies, contemplating effective wealth-transfer programs — these are the solutions that can help you sleep better at night while living better during the day throughout retirement.

Managing a portfolio for income in retirement is very different than managing a portfolio for growth before retirement. Let us be your resource. At Northstar our retirement planning is focused and to the point. We provide customized strategies and solutions and don't inundate you with "cookie-cutter" plan or huge unreadable books.

Business owners

As business owners ourselves, we understand the unique set of challenges you face and your desire to maximize the opportunities you're given. We know your time is best spent in the areas that matter most – serving your clients or customers, attracting new business, improving cash flow and mitigating taxes. We also understand that to maximize the value you have created in your business, you will need an exit strategy that enables you to successfully transition your business to a new owner upon your retirement.

  • Financial analysis of your existing business (ideally at least 5 years before intended date of sale) with suggestions on how to improve its value (in coordination with our recommended business sale expert)
  • Review of Succession Plan for tax-efficient sale or transfer of your business (in coordination with your CPA)
  • Update of Buy-Sell Arrangements in the event of premature death or disability (by referral to qualified legal counsel) and ensuring appropriate insurance to fund a buyout (in consultation with your insurance professional)
  • Retirement plan services for both owners and employees

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